Located at the center of Russian software development industry, Novosibirsk universities have a long tradition of preparing qualified specialists for the industry. Every year hundreds of talented young professionals graduate from numerous research institutes, universities, and institutes located in Novosibirsk.

Bacup IT is always looking for the most outstanding, experienced, and motivated individuals. Our technical specialists majoring in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science are mainly graduates of the two Novosibirsk universities, Novosibirsk State University and Novosibirsk Technical University, that are well-known for their high-level education standards. Some of the employers are enrolled in various PhD programs.

  • Training

  • We are committed to ongoing staff training and development. Bacup IT encourages each crew member to learn new things, expand his/her skills, and develop his/her personality.

    Some of our staff members are studying at the Novosibirsk Open University Business School under the Open University Program and take part in Carnegie Mellon University seminars covering the following topics: Developer Team Management, Project Assessment, Managing Client Expectations.

    Many of our specialists have Microsoft, Oracle, and BrainBench certificates.

    At Bacup IT, we have regular seminars to discuss recent trends in the IT industry, system architecture, project management, and quality assurance. Our staff members have English classes four times a week.

    Our specialists and consultants consistently master their professional level to help Bacup IT achieve higher quality standards.

  • Fringe Benefits and Facilities

  • We believe that a job must be a source of personal pride and satisfaction for every person. A team of such self-motivated people can bring success and stability to the company they are working for. Therefore, Bacup IT offers abundant opportunities for you to feel comfortable at your workplace and enjoy your work and teammates. We are proud of our friendly, democratic, and open atmosphere.

    According to the current labor legislation, our employees are paid full salary for vacation time and sick leave days. Every month we celebrate special events at restaurants or cafes and always present gifts on birthdays and other special events. Fringe benefits also include free training in english and sport training.

  • Working conditions

  • The design of our office space promotes collaboration and team building. Each crew member has an equipped personal space where he/she can concentrate on tasks. At the same time, people do not feel isolated from the team. Some of us, including managers and the director, work in rooms with glass doors, whereas others work in individual cubicles behind low partitions.

    We have meetings at a round table in a special meeting room or have less formal conversations with a cup of coffee in a special recreation room.

    We value every team member by offering high salaries and decent fringe benefits and implementing a smart motivation system. As a result of our efforts, Bacup IT is now a company with a growing number of employees.